Hello, I'm Witold Zawada.

Node.js TypeScript developer

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I'm Witold Zawada. Self-taught web developer from Poland. I'm constantly expanding my skills in both backend and frontend development to understand both domains and create complete, secure, and user-friendly applications using technologies such as TypeScript, Node.js and React.

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In addition to programming, I enjoy video games, skiing, history, and spending time with my beloved pets.

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Below are some of my projects that I have developed with great fervor and motivation. With every endeavor, I have strived to gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying technologies by thoroughly researching documentation, articles, videos, and engaging in various courses.


Fullstack REST app

Boilerplate for Nest.js, Next.js, TypeScript stack. Includes social logins, account verification, password change & recover, real-time chats and more.



Fullstack REST app

Fullstack Nest, Next Reddit-like app with RESTful API for auth, subredits, commenting, posting and voting for posts.

Node.jsTypeScriptNest.jsRedisPostgreSQLDockerNext.jsTailwindCSSFile upload


Fullstack GraphQL app

Fullstack game library app written in GraphQL that let you buy and browse games and engage in many communities in similar way like Steam.

Node.jsTypeScriptNest.jsPostgreSQLNext.jsGraphQLTailwindCSSStripe paymentsFile upload


Discord bot

Easily extensible and customizable all-in-one Discord bot. Moderation, music & fun! Built around dependency injection pattern.


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